Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Republican Platform for Middle Class America


1 - Destroy hope in America by being anti-everything Obama which equals anti-middle class.

2 - Give tax breaks to the rich

3 - Talk conservative when spending money on Main Street, but are liberal with our tax dollars when spending money for corporate CEOs and their lobbyists buddies.

4 - Pass laws as favors for campaign donations even if it is not good for middle class America

5 - Use scare tactics instead of facts to influence Americans (i.e. Bush and Iraq war - death panels, etc).

6 - Complain when Obama/Dems does something for middle class, but have no plans or solutions of their own unless it is to help corporate America and their Lobbyists cronies.

7 - Party of YES for big corporations and lobbyists who buy their vote.

8 - Party of NO for hard working middle class Americans who can't afford to buy their vote.

9 - Distorts the truth and use gimmicks (McCain’s campaign, birthers, death panels, etc)

10 - Relies on Fox and bogus Rasmussen Polls for their facts while ignoring all other opposing polls

11 - Republicans love the color of green for money more than red, white and blue. They prove it time after time by passing laws that favor the rich who fuels their campaigns.

12 - Pretends or distorts the truth as if they are doing good for middle class while passing laws that help the rich and corporate America

13 - Obstructionists for everything that is best for Main St v.s. Corporate America.

14 - Uses polls and studies from self-serving corporations (i.e insurance company poll and study) as facts

15 - While Insurance CEOs give themselves million dollar salaries and spends millions daily to influence politicians (lobbyists) with premiums dollars from denying coverage, Hatch has the gull to discuss their profit percentage (see #3 above). Hatch and the Insurance industry has nothing over the mafia or snake oil salesmen.

16. Don’t have the guts to stand up to the crazies like Beck and Limbaugh

17. At the 11th hour talks about preserving Medicare while at the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th hour they opposed all regulation to help seniors with health care

18. Everything they say to oppose health care is true about insurance companies - death panels, rationing, etc are all done by insurance companies now

19. Speaks in generalities and sound bites and leaves out the truth. For example taxes. They talk as if Obama will raise taxes on all Americans trying to influence middle class, while leaving out that Obama has said repeatedly he will only raise it on those who make $250,000 or more (roll back to Clinton years) - see #2 and #3 above.

20 - Uses Fox news and conservative talk radio to spread their propaganda.

21 - After banks, insurance industry, wall street, etc destroyed our economy, they want to maintain the status quo and not regulate the financial industry to satisfy the financial lobbyists and get more campaign donations to defeat the Democrats. In other words, the hell with Main Street – see #2 and 3 above.

22 - The perception is they don’t care much for minorities -- blacks, hispanics, women

23 - Believes in Bush trickle down theory - see #2 above. While it only trickles to greedy corporate pockets or politicians campaign funds.

24. - Will beat Dems in campaign donations because they will get huge donations from corporate America to stop the dems from passing laws that gives corporations unfair advantage to milk the middle class by stealing their dollars and denying services to middle class Americans after paying years for those services. (Bush economy). I would love to run a business where I can take people's money for years, but when it comes time to pay, deny services. Same old Mafia and snake oil legislation.

25. Republican’s love using buzz words. For example as soon as Obama tries to pass laws to prevent unfair practices by corporate America, the Right screams “free market”. Yet when laws are passed by the Republicans to give corporations and wall street market advantage we never hear them scream “let the free market work”. Republicans should be the party of hypocrites.

26. Good at spending our tax dollars and killing our young men and women in unnecessary wars

27. Republicans seem to believe it is ok that our tax dollars pay for their health care but not middle class health care.

28. Republicans like to reference the evils of “big government” and the Republicans will make sure they pass laws, block useful legislation for middle class and create as much red tape as possible to prove their point.

29. Republicans are great at using trivia (lets pick on what the first lady is wearing, or where the President goes to dinner, vacation, campaigning for winter Olympics, etc) to try to distract Americans from the real issues

30. If you have a few million dollars, you can buy a Republican that will ignore thousands who die from lack of health care or go bankrupt to pay for medical coverage that insurance companies deny covering after years of paying. Hey, what's a few thousand middle class lives and their financial well being compared to the corporate cronies who donate a few million to a conservative campaign that can spread corporate propaganda and pass more laws to make the rich richer while middle class income lessens. For a bargain price, you can get a conservative Democrat to act like a Republican. All conservative laws/policies are anti-middle class or pro corporate or rich even though they disguise every policy/law as if it is to help middle class America. If you believe a conservative rhetoric, I have a bridge to nowhere to sale you.

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